3 Simple Ways to Start a Blog

Hey, guys! Fatima here, the blogger behind Luna & Sola. Nice to e-meet you! So, to break the ice, here’s my first post. *drumroll, please*

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. I really enjoy the process: getting struck by an idea, writing the story, fixing it up to make it look good… the works. I want to have a career as a writer, and I really talk a lot in person too, so I should’ve started a blog a long time ago, right?

Well, I actually already did, but insecurities stopped me from going all the way. The idea that people might not like my work or just won’t care about it scared me a lot, and I couldn’t take the thought of that. So as soon as I’d pen something, I’d scrap it or save it as a draft only for my eyes to see. (I still feel the same way now, tbh.)

Blogging became huge a few years back, and everyone was doing it that it became that thing you just had to have at least tried once. Some people got hooked instantly, some people thought it just wasn’t for them. I was in between that group for a long, long time. But now I want to give it a try again, this time armed with a simpleĀ plan. Here’s something you could give a try as well.


1. Consider registering a domain name

I thought hard and long about the name of my site, Luna & Sola, and when I saw that the domain was available, I clicked that buy button faster than you can bat an eyelash. And nope, it wasn’t an impulse buy, but think of it more as an investment. A site that ends with dot com looks professional, so having a domain is the real deal. It costs less than $20 and renews yearly, and that money should not be put to waste!

2. Get a nice theme while you’re at it

Humans are visual creatures, and we’re automatically attracted to what looks pretty. But like what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Find what aesthetic speaks to you, and channel that on your blog! P.S. Of course, this thing also costs money. And if having spent money isn’t motivating you yet at this point, then maybe the next one will!

3. Set a realistic goal

Realistic is the key word. There’s no need pressure yourself into thinking that your blog has to be the next Buzzfeed (if you don’t intend it to become a business). Start simple. As for me, I wanted to find my voice as a writer by talking about topics I care about, which is the real intention of starting this whole thing. Is there a thought forming in your head already?


Whether you want to run a blog as a hobby, or you have an intention of making it a business, the first step to do is to start. Overcome that fear! The most important thing is, at the end of the day, you want to answer the question, “Do you like what you’re doing?” with a resounding yes.

Thanks for stopping by!